Excursions and Adventure

Activities in Ushuaia can be made in all months of the year and they are always related to nature and its amazing landscapes throughout the province.

  • City tour: Maritime Museum and Old Prison of Ushuaia/ End of the World Museum/ Historical Museum “Pensar Malvinas”
  • Catamaran sailing through the Beagle Canal: You can find “Isla de los Lobos”, “Isla de los Pájaros and “Faro Les Eclaireus” with hiking in “Islas Bridges”, “La Pinguinera” and “Estancia Harberton”.
  • End of the World Train: visit to the Railway Station and an engaging journey into the enigmatic story of prisoners who ever made ​​that trip, while enjoying its fascinating scenery on its way.
  • Lapataia National Park: Walking traverse is recommended for better appreciation, however, the car is a good choice and also through buses that depart from the city. The park offers a variety of landscapes, coastal lakes, and a way-out to the Beagle Canal, sea coast, rivers, dense forests, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna in peat lands, especially native birds.

  • Martial Glacier/ Aerosillas/ Canopy: A few kilometers from the city you can find Martial Glacier where is allowed to practice winter sports: (Alpine skiing, snowboard, Sled downhill), climbing and canopy, hiking, excursions, waterfalls, trekking and panoramic view of Ushuaia City.
  • Río Grande City: It´s located 103 Km from Ushuaia. You can enjoy its museums, sites and historic monuments, it natural reserve and rivers.
  • ETolhuin City: At any time of the year, Tolhuin offers great outdoor options such as fishing in rivers and lakes, horseback riding, trekking and many other activities to enjoy nature to the fullest.
  • Escondido Lake and Fagnano Lake: 60 Km North from Ushuaia you can find the amazing “Escondido Lake” nestled in the mountains and at the foot of “Paso Garibaldi”. A little later, you´ll find an important water mirror and one of the largest in the world: “Fagnano Lake"